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By the Retire NOW in Costa Rica staff

Unhappy U.S. Democrats who are seeking to flee their country after the election of Donald Trump will find Costa Rica a potential new home.

Some of the more popular areas of the country already have many refugees from blue states
like New York and California. Many expats even staged a handful of marches the day after inauguration to coincide with the women’s march in Washington, D.C.

In addition to great weather, Costa Rica already has what many so-called progressives sought for the United States.

Instead of the Affordable Care Act, a high percentage of Costa Ricans benefit from a state medical plan. The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social maintains major hospitals in every province, as well as local clinics nearly everywhere.

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And this health care not only is available to new residents, it is mandatory. A condition of
tree huggers
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legal residency is to affiliate with the Caja. And the rates are not based on age, pre-existing conditions or even state of health. The rates, mostly paid by employers,  are based on income so those with funds help support those who do not have money. And service is egalitarian, too, with young, old, rich and poor sharing the same waiting periods for attention and, later, the same hospital rooms.

Progressives might also approve of Costa Rica’s immigration policy, which does not include walls. Hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans have migrated to Costa Rica for a better life. And the country has assisted thousands of Cubans and Haitians who  were making a trek north to the United States. The country even accepts what are called perpetual tourists, 
  those visitors who choose to leave briefly every three months to renew their status.

Then there is the environment. More than 25 percent of Costa Rica consists of national parks and reserves. Citizens are taught early to value trees, and the country seeks to become carbon neutral by 2021. That means there is a big push for renewable energy.

The country also has made its opposition clear against petroleum exploration and offshore drilling. The highest motor fuel prices in Central America are considered a reasonable tradeoff to keep the petroleum industry elsewhere.

' . . . although conservative talk show figure
Rush Limbaugh vowed several times
in 2010 to flee to Costa Rica
over Obamacare, he did not!'

In addition, Costa Ricans generally have an environmentally friendly diet of rice, beans, fresh vegetables and certainly less beef than the First World countries to the north.  Fresh vegetables are cheap and abundant for those who are not married to a U.S. menu. This may be one reason why citizens have a longer average lifespan.

Not only that, walking is a major method of transportation as well as bicycling, in part due to the fuel prices. That contributes to citizen health.

The country’s citizens also have a progressive attitude toward crime. Sentences are short by comparison to the United States, and there is no death penalty. Felons usually serve much
less than half their sentence, and visits by spouses and companions is encouraged at prisons. Costa Ricans also are somewhat forgiving for street crime, reasoning if the robber did not need the money, he would not commit a holdup.

The courts are years behind schedule, and many crimes can be absolved by conciliation and perhaps the payment of some compensation.

Then, too, the drug situation might appeal to
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some. The country is awash in marijuana and cocaine, even though the laws forbid it.

Unfortunately, as in the United States, police action usually is against the poor for local drug sales or foreigners who seek to move large quantities of drugs through the country to the north.

Recreational use of drugs seldom is punished.

And best of all for fleeing Democrats, although conservative talk show figure Rush Limbaugh vowed several times in 2010 to flee to Costa Rica over Obamacare, he did not!

--Feb. 6, 2017
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